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Lacy J. Fender here.

Lacy J. Fender

I have a kid and currently maintaining (yes, literally) a very large family in Louisville, KY. My kid, husband, father-in-law, and a dog named Tala keep me busy every single day in a week.

As my hubby is originated from Italy and has a vast family-based legacy there and here in US, I have to call them often and make sure, we – all – are get in touch.

And you know what – many pepole want to many quistion that is it safe me.

But I love to search and to share the knowledge gained from searching. But I like to share with everyone by collecting various accurate information about what is safe for us and what is not safe.

I actually love share my concept with my relatives and friends for their happiness..

This, as a whole made me think about creating this blog and I am trying my best to accumulate all the unusual but awesome and real information for every kind of people possible.

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Don’t hesitate to contact me with ideas, suggestions and any help.



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